Speakers Wanted

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about speaking at a monthly luncheon meeting of the American Marketing Association – Inland Empire:

Q: Who or what is the AMA-IE?

A: The AMA-IE is the Inland Empire affiliate of the American Marketing Association, the nation’s premier trade organization serving marketing professionals. The AMA fosters connections between marketing practitioners, provides members with access to key marketing-related information, research, and statistics, and actively seeks to advance the careers of those who work within the profession.

Q: Why would I want to speak to attendees at an AMA-IE luncheon?

A: The members of AMA-IE are influential members of the Inland Empire business community, and frequently participate in decision making in various companies, non-profits, educational providers, and governmental entities. Networking is important, and we believe it’s a good idea to have AMA-IE members in your contact network.

Q: What would the AMA-IE want me to speak about?

A: As marketing professionals, we’re constantly looking for new information, new services, and new insights that can keep us at the top of our profession and help us do the best job possible. As an expert in your subject matter, we’d enjoy hearing from you how your information and insights can make us better marketers.

Q: What does an AMA-IE luncheon audience look like?

A: Our monthly luncheon meetings typically draw anywhere from 20 to 50 marketing professionals. Some of these attendees are small business owners. Others are marketing industry consultants or corporate marketing directors. There may be a few representatives from ancillary businesses in attendance, as well as a sprinkling of educators and governmental employees. But all are interesting people with a desire to learn and share with industry peers.

Q: When and where are the luncheons held?

A: With the exception of August, AMA-IE luncheon meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month. Our luncheons are normally held in a restaurant or hotel venue, and each luncheon features one speaker. A member of the AMA-IE Programming Committee can give you up-to-date information about which dates are currently open for speakers.

Q: What’s the process for becoming a speaker?

A: If you’re interested in addressing an AMA-IE luncheon, we’ll ask you to complete a brief Speaker Application Form, which focuses on the nature of the information you could offer to our group. The AMA-IE Programming Committee will discuss your application and advise you of our decision.

Q: Will I receive an honorarium?

A: It’s the policy of AMA-IE to NOT pay an honorarium to luncheon speakers, but we’ll be happy to provide lunch!

Q: To whom may I address additional questions?

A: Please address any additional questions to the person who originally asked you to consider speaking to our group, or send an email to info@ama-ie.com.